The best energy …

EC one Strom Windenergie

is energy from regenerative sources.

EC one Strom Wasserkraft

Because there is no other planet!

Cremation of the future means

using existing resources


storing them in times of surplus

Gas incinerator

The gas burner heats the refractory walls proceeding from the inward of the chamber. The thermal energy is imbibed by the fireclays.

Electric incinerator

The heating elements inside the refractory walls ensure a highly efficient expansion of the temperature throughout the chamber. This resulst in lower energy consumption while heating-up.

  • heating up without burner and oxygen

    • low energy consumption
    • temperature can be kept constant in a closed system
  • closed combustion chamber

    • no uncontrolled entry of cold air
    • false air inflow reduced by a third
  • constant temperature inside

    • sustainable use of temperature
    • improved controllability of the temperature
  • broad heating elements in terms of surface area

    • facilitates a constistent thermal development in the combustion chamber
    • ensures an ideal combustion result

Comparison of gas and electric incinerator

1,800 cremations per year
gas incinerator elektric incinerator
time of cremation approx. 60 minutes approx. 60 minutes
energy consumption furnace 40 kWh per cremation 20 kWh per cremation
energy consumption filter 25 kWh per cremation 25 kWh per cremation
emissions 10 mg CO / 11 % O2 10 mg CO / 15 % O2
EC one Elektroofen Umwelt

State of the Art

  • Stand-by mode

    • closed chambersystem
    • temperature is kept constant
  • heating up

    • e.g. with domestic electricity or with cost-efficient renewable energies
  • cremation

    • heating elements stay off
    • just the filter and the control system require energy


20 kWh per cremation


25 kWh per cremation


State of the Art

  • ease of use through automatic control

  • plain and simple maintenance and servicing through modular design

  • 24 hours service

  • long-term guarantee

  • maintenance contract


  • no unnecessary consumption of fossil energy sources

  • low energy consumption

  • superb emission values

  • sustained utilization of resources

  • use of cost-efficient and alternative energy sources low carbon footprint

Low carbon footprint

EC one CO2


independent photovoltaic crematorium